2 Persons Skeena Canoe


The 2-person skeena canoe in 475 CM length is super fast and agile.

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The 2-person skeena canoe in 545 CM length is super fast and agile. It is best suited for narrow rivers as well as larger lakes. This canoe is also very well suited for solo trips.
The great depth of the midship and the high steven ensure that cargo and paddlers stay dry even in a very inclined position. The splash-proof storage boxes in the stern and bow can be used to store valuables/luggage. The Peak has extremely good straight-line stability, is very fast and is excellent and safe in the water even with high payloads and large luggage tours.
This canoe is reinforced with extra strong ribs.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 475 × 78.7 × 55.9 cm



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